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Thousands of students in North Idaho have learned with us in their own schools in our on-site customized music programs for ages 18 months to 18 years. Young children’s programs as well as programs for older students provide a complete and well-balanced approach to music education.

“The Northwest Academy of Music offers a wide variety of music lessons to children…..

the instructors are highly skilled and very patient with their students.

Very fun and yet also very educational. Excellent prices as well!”      Bridget A.

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Join Hundreds of Area Students Experiencing the Joy of Music

FREE MONTH OFFER EXPIRES OCTOBER 31, 2020   Apply up to two years' payments from your student instrument to an upgrade instrument
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Music Lessons, Musical Instruction, Drums, Percussion, Private Instruction
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Study the most versatile solo and ensemble instrument of all time! Our fine teachers can take you through the world of classical, jazz, contemporary, country, sacred, and everything in between. Age-appropriate piano lessons for elementary ages are included in the Harmony Road Music Program.

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From classical studies to folk and rock ‘n’ roll, our teachers can get you going on the road of your dreams! Let us match you to the teacher that fits your style. Acoustic or electric? We do it all. Wanna play in a band? We’ve got you covered. Feel the need for speed? For a big time jam? To tiptoe through the tulips?  Let us take you there!

                                                                                                        Can't decide which instrument?

Want to be awe-inspiring? Take lessons from an awesome teacher! The sky’s the limit when you study with the consummate professional who also makes learning crazy and fun. When you follow in the footsteps of this musical giant it will make you want to practice your way into musical bliss.

Idaho State Solo and Ensemble Musicfest Winners

"Our family loves Northwest Academy of Music. The instructors are highly experienced and make learning fun. Learning to play and read music is highly effective exercise for the brain. Everyone can benefit from their classes." Alda S.

Join our revolutionary music teaching system highly acclaimed the world over for producing the most accomplished of child musicians! Singing, piano, note reading, rhythm training, ensemble skills, improvisation, and composition are the building blocks of this amazing methodology. 

With the #1 string program in North Idaho, we have the finest lessons available. Let our master instructors take you through the beautiful and exacting world of solo and ensemble string playing. From concertmaster to fiddling hobbyist, we can help you achieve your musical goals whether child or adult.

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Music Program, Piano / Keyboard Instruction, Group Piano Lessons, Piano Lessons
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Fun, fun, fun is drums, drums, drums! For those willing to put in the time, our lessons will give you the blast of a lifetime. From advanced concert band and bell technique to full kit rock ‘n’ roll playing, we have an endless amount of instructional tips to make you an amazing player. You won’t believe it!

Music Program, Harmony Road Program

Take lessons from the best in the business! Our inspiring, professional instructors can show you all you need to know for great sound production, presentation, and musicality. We know the ins and outs of competition, solo and ensemble performance. Beginner? We can start you with the right technique to make it fun and rewarding.

"I could not be happier about my decision to enroll my granddaughter in Piano at NW Academy of Music.

I could not be more surprised by what she has learned, and I could not be more proud of her. Thank you to

 everyone at NW Music Center. Special Thanks to her teacher Miss Rosalie!!"        Shelly O.

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If the voice is a window to the soul, we can help you develop your most profound gift! From vocal basics to grooming for competition, we can help teens and adults of all ages reach their personal best.Age-appropriate vocal lessons for elementary ages are included in the Harmony Road Music Program.

We teach all ages, toddler to adult, 

at any skill level-- beginner through advanced

with our team of certified music instructors.

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Music for Kids Program