Northwest Academy of Music
Make Music a Priority-the Rewards Last a Lifetime!
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                  Experience the Finest 
     Music Academy in the Inland Northwest
                     CELEBRATING 25 YEARS
      “The Northwest Academy of Music offers a wide variety of music lessons to children…..the instructors are highly skilled                                              and very patient with their students. Very fun and yet also very educational. 
                                                                        Excellent prices as well!”  Bridget A.
                       Parents and Kids Join Toddler Tunes or Preschool Music in Me! 
                           Elementary students can learn to play and sing like a pro
                                        We can develop the talent in your child 
Check Out Our NEW Location ! ! !
2 Blocks South of our Previous Location
We are located at 3700 N. Government Way, Coeur d'Alene

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