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Private Students
Please contact your teacher regarding Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Memorial

Day make-up lessons

Summer Session
Summer session 2015 will commence the third week of June and end August 31st. Over this eleven week period private students and their teachers are free to schedule as many lessons as they are able to attend. Please be prepared to schedule the entire summer in advance and pay your teacher in full in advance for scheduled lessons.

Winter Semester 2014-2015
Private students please reserve  a place in your teacher's schedule by the end of the school year for the summer, as spaces are limited. New students should be aware that we often have waiting lists for our instructors by mid-September. Lessons offered are on a first-come, first-served basis. Often students who begin lessons with us during the summer have an easier time finding a spot with an instructor for the fall session. We will our best to accommodate mid-winter enrollments as spaces become available.

Music Class Students:

Prospective class students are encouraged to get on our mailing list for Summer prep class times. For semester classes, a $75.00 deposit due by January 9, 2015 will procure a spot for you in a class with the entire amount of the deposit being deducted from your semester tuition payment.