Keyboard Musician winner of 40K Scholarship

Keyboard Musician 

  • ( advanced course) 
  • A 2-year program 
  • 55 minutes weekly
Piano Lessons, Keyboard musician, piano instruction

Keyboard Musician

  TheKeyboard Musiciancourse is for students who have completed either Harmony Road Book 4, Young Musician Book 4 or Keyboard Prep Book 3. Students continue to develop performance skills through the study of varied repertoire styles, technical studies, sight-reading songs and three- and four-part ensembles.

  Ear training is expanded to include dictation, recognition of tonal centers and chord progressions. Transposing becomes an easily accessible activity. Students learn to accompany themselves while singing solfege. Two part singing and artistic repertoire encourage expressive musicianship. Harmonic training develops an understanding of accompaniment styles. Students are given step by step techniques to develop their own creativity through music composition. In this program, students become acquainted with major composers and their place in music history.

  Parent involvement encouraged. 

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