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In addition, children develop poise and confidence while exploring together the joy of music-making. Group songs, relay pieces, partner dances, and echo singing teach children the values of teamwork, sharing, & taking turns. A wide variety of musical styles teaches them to explore their own innate range of expression and to appreciate the beauty inherent in all musical forms.

Two options are available:

        1.  You may provide the music program as part of your total tuition.

​           2.  You may offer it as an elective paid for by parents of participating               children.

Elective Option:

  •  Parents sign up their child on a poster provided to your school              by Northwest Academy of Music.

        1.  When sufficient students have signed up, a day and time for the                   class is agreed upon by your school and the Academy.

        2.  Parents are provided a registration form to return to your school                with payment for the program. ( Not necessary if your school                      provides the music program as part of your school's regular                          tuition.)

        3.  Registration forms and first month's tuition are sent to the                          Academy.

If you are interested in learning more about MUSIC FOR KIDS, we'd be happy to give a demonstration lesson to your students and their parents at your facility. We think you'll be very excited by the results.

MUSIC FOR KIDS is a national program that has been very successful in pre-school and day care facilities throughout North Idaho. We hope that you'll join with us to provide your youngsters an enjoyable and meaningful experience with music.

If you would like more information about MUSIC FOR KIDS or would like to host a demonstration lesson at your facility, please fill out the form at the link below, or print it off and return to the address listed. We hope you join us this year!  

Music for Kids Program at local preschools

Call now to schedule a 12 week class at your center

Fun music lessons right at your preschool or daycare

 Let us introduce your kids to the joy of music with the finest, most economical music program in North Idaho.

We will send a teacher directly to your center for a weekly lesson.

 Parents pay only $34.95 for the entire session 
(10 child minimum).

Choose your program:

Toddler (18 mo.-3 yrs.) 

Purple Program (3-4 yrs.) 

Blue Program (4 1/2-6 yrs.) 

or a combination of ages.

 After 22 years of making music with thousands of children in North Idaho,

we'd love to give the gift of music to your kids!

Music For Kids
Offers your preschool children all these benefits:

Music for Kids
Music for Kids
Music for Kids

Great News

Music for Kids

 Keyboard Learning

Solfege (Do Re Mi) Singing

Expressive Singing

Ear Training

Rhythm Activities

Body Movement

Music Reading

Music for Kids Program, Preschool Music classes