"Scott is truly an amazing instructor! He is everything a teacher should be and more. My daughter leaves feeling confident, inspired, and determined to accomplish her goals. After I commented the other day on Lindsey Stirling being her inspiration, she replied,
'Lindsey Stirling is not my number one inspiration, mom. My instructor is. ' "
Kelsey C.

"Scott has helped me significantly in my lessons with him.  It was during orchestra practice I realized even more how much of a difference he has made in my learning.  
   Instead of feeling completely intimidated, as I did the first time, I came home excited and told my husband that I really believe I can learn to play this new music.  Interestingly, he told me that he was going to mention that he believes (based on listening to my practice) that I have found a good teacher.   
   When I feel like I am struggling I also know that I am gaining ground in the process of 'learning'.  Break-throughs are beginning to happen and will keep happening.  
   I now practice any chance I can get along with studying and finding the music recordings on the computer. 
   I am so thankful for Scott. It feels so good to be learning and getting to enjoy playing music with others!"
Jeanne C.

"Mr. Grunsted is an incredible instructor who knows how to motivate and instill confidence in all students. There are no words or actions that can express our gratitude for all of his time, dedication, and genuine care for our children." Mrs. B

"Mr. Grunsted is the best and most loving teacher a student could ever have. I am so thankful for his help."  Mary B

Scott Grunsted Testimonial

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