Toddler Tunes
 is a program designed to bring tots and parents together in a joyful musical setting. The program you have enrolled in at the Northwest Academy of Music is a part of the Harmony Road Music Education System, a revolutionary teaching methodology used in music academies across the world.

Scientific research confirms that early experiences with music activities increase language and listening skills, physical coordination and development, and overall intelligence.

 Quality music time with your child also increases the bond you share together. Your music teacher will give you ideas and techniques which you can integrate into your child’s daily activities. Appropriate songs, rhymes, or chants can make waking up, dressing, bathing, walking, cuddling, rocking, sleepy, and silly times even more fun.

 Young children absorb musical patterns like a sponge. The repetition of simple songs, melody patterns, and rhythms provide toddlers with a “musical memory bank” which will serve as the basis for a lifetime of musical development and enjoyment.

No one ever forgets the words or melodies of their favorite childhood nursery songs. Developmental experts recommend that young children learn a second language before the age of five due to their tremendous capacity to learn sounds and their meaning quickly and accurately. Children who learn the “second language of music” at this time in their lives often develop an amazing musical aptitude. Research shows that a child’s lifetime ability to accurately hear and identify musical pitch peaks at age four.

Activities in Toddler Tunes include a blending of movement and music. Tots first respond to rhythm with bounces, wiggles, clapping, or tapping. Children swing, dance, rock, and explore other motions to find the natural internal beat in their bodies. They also enjoy circle activities and movement with manipulatives such as hoops, scarves, balls, streamers, etc. This increases coordination and spatial awareness as well. Further exploration occurs through the use of rhythm instruments and playing the piano.

Through active involvement children begin to feel and understand musical concepts: changes in dynamics, timbre, tempo, duration of sound, and melodic patterns.


Toddler Tunes General Development of Skills:
 children will

  • Recognize and respond to name
  • Become aware of body parts
  • Learn to work together in a group
  • Develop self confidence and leadership skills
  • Increase attention span
  • Learn to share
  • Feel free to use imagination in movement, singing, and play
  • Explore fine motor skills in finger plays

Toddler Tunes Musical Development of Skills:
 children will develop

  • Awareness of pitch - high and low
  • Dynamic recognition - loud and quiet
  • Awareness of Tempo - fast and slow
  • Recognition of percussion instruments and how to play them
  • Keyboard geography skills - white keys vs. black keys, high and low notes, etc.
  • Recognition of familiar songs
  • Ability to imitate simple rhythm patterns
  • Large muscle activities - march, walk, tiptoe, creep, jump, swing, fly, etc.

Enrolling your child in Toddler Tunes puts your tot on the path of a lifetime of musical enjoyment and gives your little one a head start in all areas of development. It also gives the two of you a wonderful chance to laugh, play, and share in a special time together each week.


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